Tips for Telephone Etiquette

Etiquette is something that many people take for granted. Most children are taught to answer the phone with something more than a curt “hello”, and for the most part this suffices until they get a phone of their own. However, outside of a call center, training in proper etiquette on the phone is sparing. This is a problem that more businesses are choosing to fix as more substantial evidence comes to light that this directly harms profits.
Telephone etiquette might seem intuitive, but it isn’t enough to rely on the instincts of your employees to do well with it. Dealing with customers isn’t the same thing as dealing with family and friends. This is especially true in customer service.

Consider why anyone calls customer service. How often do you get a call praising your products or services? Not often. People call when they have problems. This means that any call you receive is going to be from someone already not in a charitable mood. An untrained employee doesn’t necessarily understand this mindset, and may respond like they would receive a call from a respected family member: genial, but not respectful enough.

This is just one reason why training in phone etiquette is critically important. Your phone line is frequently a customer’s first point of interaction with your business. Don’t under any circumstances leave that to chance. Etiquette training is easily available online in the form of educational books and classes. If you offer customer service, consider this a necessity as your overhead allows.

For any business etiquettes are very important to follow, even if you have a huge profitable business you have to give respect to others while talking or communicating with them through phones or voice. People always like others to talk to them in a good way. This is also an important trick used by business people to peruse customers.

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