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Three Ways to Become a Private Investigator in India

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1. Law Enforcement Background

If you count yourself as an ex-employee from India’s Police & Armed forces then you already have a headstart! The vast majority of private detectives in India come from the Armed Forces and the Intelligence & Secret Service Bureaus. They are experienced investigators who have either taken voluntary retirement or are retirees who are happily engaged in this business helping the common man with their problems and making good money in the process. An acute sense of awareness of things that can go wrong and how to detect trails and clues to a particular problem, good forensic knowledge and a well developed network to get the information that one wants along with vast experience in dealing with crimes, misdemeanours and undercover work places these individuals at a great advantage over others when deciding to start a private investigation company in India.

You could also consider concentrating on niches. There are a lot of private investigation companies out there who do everything and anything. But you on the other hand could only concentrate on family matters such as pre matrimonial investigations, husband wife affair investigations, missing child missing person investigations, teenager checking activities etc. This is a highly lucrative part of the overall services that private detectives offer and by becoming well known in this niche, you could well optimize your time, resources and capabilities and make more than a decent income for yourself.

2. An Excellent Businessman with Good Managerial Skills

Of course, having a background in law enforcement agencies does not guarantee success as a private investigator. Depending on the organization from which they retired, government retirees may not have the appropriate management skills for business success. During their career prior to retirement, the organization with which they were employed may have had a support staff to take care of all of the non-investigative matters, such as financial administration, supply acquisition and personnel management. Retirees desiring to be business owners must acquire these skills to be successful. Which is why if you are a good people’s person with good leadership and management skills, you can start a private investigation business in India by teaming up with an ex-law enforcement person so that both of you can complement each other’s skills and expertise. The ex-law enforcement officer takes care of the operations, while you manage the business and look after expansion in other cities and other growth plans.

3. A Good Marketer & Speaker

Business in today’s world is all about being seen and being heard. The more people see you, hear about you and read about you, the more likely they will call you when they need to use your services. What good is the best private investigator in India if no one knows that he is in business and if his website cannot be found on Google where thousands of people are searching for such service providers every single day. At this very moment, 5 people in Mumbai are probably searching for a private investigator in Mumbai, Pune or whichever city in India you live in. Are they able to find you and contact you? If not, then you are losing business to your competitors! A good marketer understands the huge value proposition in creating a professional website and creating good content and hiring a SEO to ensure that his website is found on the first page of Google so that he receives daily inquiries every day. Apart from online activities, a good marketer will also join private detectives industry bodies, confederations and attend meetings, conferences and seminars and make a mark upon his peers as well as network within the business community. Public Skills and qualities are absolutely essential to succeed in today’s competitive business scenario. Starting a private investigation business requires a comprehensive inspection of numerous personal and business skills and I would venture forth and say that business skills are more important than operational skills because business skills bring in money which is essential for any operation to survive and flourish.

The transition from a salaried worker to private businessperson can be challenging. It requires detailed planning, consistent dedication, and a professional attitude to achieve success. Getting established in the private investigation business can be daunting, but the rewards are many. Good luck.


Amit Sen is the founding partner of Alliance One – the best pre matrimonial detectives in Mumbai that specializes in providing thorough Background Verification Services before marriage amongst other private and corporate investigation services. Amit is also a trained pilot and an aviator and likes to remain grounded on the days when he is not flying high. He also write a good article on A beginners Guide to Business interruption Insurance

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