How to Deal with Some of the Most Common Employee Complaints

How to Deal with Some of the Most Common Employee ComplaintThere are several facts about professional life that no one can avoid. Everyone has a boss and sometimes there will be complaints about that boss. If you are planning on getting your masters in human resources you will surely be put in a position to deal with some of these gripes.

Masters in Human Resources – Dealing with Complaints

The following list will highlight some of the most common employee complaints. You will certainly run into these issues on a regular basis:

  • Micromanagement – Many employees feel they are kept under a microscope. This often kills productivity and leads to a disgruntled worker. Working with both staff and boss in this case is necessary to keep each of them satisfied. The manager may have to give this person more room.

  • Superiors don’t listen – It’s hard for someone to toil at work each day if they feel no one listens to them. Workers often have great ideas but if managers don’t ever hear them an employee can get very frustrated. You will need to help the employee communicate their ideas better and get bosses to listen up sometimes.

  • Bosses ideas can’t be challenged – Employees often know that their manager’s ideas are not always the best or that they will always work, but feel powerless to challenge their boss and his ideas. In this case you will have to work to make sure both sides see the value of what the other side has to offer. Often, workers in the trenches have wonderful ideas that may differ from their boss.

  • Promises, promises, promises – You are going to run into this situation fairly often. An employee will approach you complaining about a promise made to them that was broken. It could be a raise, promotion, time off or any of a number of other issues. You will have to deal with this one tactfully. Explaining company policy and rules to both worker and boss may be necessary. The boss may have overstepped his authority and not be able to deliver on their promises. The promise for the employee may have to stay broken, at least for a little while.

  • Performance feedback – Company staff often have no idea of how they are doing since they get no feedback about their work. This is a discouraging situation for them. Meeting with their boss and working with him on the issue is essential. If your company has no policy to give employees feedback, work with management to implement one.

  • No time for them – A worker will often have legitimate concerns that they feel their superior needs to hear. The boss may not How to Deal with Some of the Most Common Employee Complaintsgrant that employee time to air them out. If any company staff comes to you with this issue hear them out carefully. Work with their boss to make sure their matters get attention.

  • Disorganized office – Employees want and need organization. They feel harried and confused without it. In this case work with the manager, and probably the entire group, to get the section better organized.

Once you get our masters in human resources you will be called upon to soothe and remedy employee complaints. This will certainly be a challenge for you, the workers and managers. Using tact and diplomacy you will be able to deal with any situation successfully.


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