How Green Can You Go? Four Electronic Cigarettes Companies Running Recycling Programs

In a world more and more aware of people’s negative impact over the environment and also more and more concerned about saving the planet, it only became natural to start recycling in an educated and efficient manner. If some years ago we only advised people not to print their e-mails, unless absolutely necessary and we started sorting out paper from plastic bags (and began replacing them with textile, ecological ones), technology was always there to give us support and to push things forward. Nowadays, almost every producing company and retailer implemented a buy-back program for used or broken house appliances and you can find a bin collecting used batteries in almost every store, from the ones selling phones and computing devices, to the ones retailing washing machines.

From this point of view, things are starting to look better, as people got used to the system and started using it more frequently. And in a world preoccupied by recycling tech parts and component, electronic cigarettes manufacturers didn’t fall behind. They are known for being updated and sometimes even a step ahead when it comes to new technological developments brought to their products and recycling e-cig components was just a logical stage in their process of offering the newest, best upgrades and opportunities to a very large community. Four such companies aligned their policies to the environmentalist trend and thus they are not only offering their customers a new experience and a sense of social and ecological responsibility, but also give a strong hand in easing this planet’s pain.

1.      OK E-Cig

The company warns the customers that a lack of responsibility in recycling electronic goods leads only to endangering the environment, as the electrical goods and equipment end up in landfills, while the hazardous substances leaking are a threat to soil and water and can determine serious contamination. The manufacturers offer their clients a free recycling program, while their cigarettes and electrical products are following the WEEE Regulations.

2.      NJOY

As expected, this large and popular manufacturer also implemented a recycling program for its customers. The program allows a client to send the company 8 used NJOY Kings together with a recycling form that can be downloaded from their website. The company guarantees they will receive one NJOY King back for free.   

3.      Green Smoke

Not that the name wouldn’t be self – explanatory, but Green Smoke also runs a recycling program involving the cartomizers and the e-cig batteries. What’s good to know is that the program addresses not only to Green Smoke brand customers, but to all vapers, no matter the brand they use.

4.      VUSE

Not so long ago this summer, RJ Reynolds announced a new c-cigarette in a press conference very well covered by the Business Insider. The VUSE comes together with a recycling program which focuses on taking back and recycling the lithium – ion batteries the VUSE is equipped with, but also the used cartridges. Just like in the case of Green Smoke, the company addresses not only to the VUSE users, but also to all vapers, no matter if they use a competitor’s products. They will also work with a third party company specialized in battery recycling, as lithium – ion batteries are very dangerous to the environment.

Surely, these recycling programs have the catch of turning their customers into faithful brand consumers, but as the vaping community confesses, this is not a bothering problem at all, as some of these companies accept recyclable products coming from other competing brands and the users don’t feel like being guilt or pushed into using only a certain label.

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