How can firms make long distance travel easier on employees?

In recent years, technology has had a massive impact on business operations. It is now easier than ever before to expand into foreign markets and travelling across the globe has become much quicker, simpler and cheaper than it once was.

As a result, more and more employees are being asked to travel long distances in the name of business. While some people may see the jet-setting lifestyle as a perk of the job, it is not always the case and some members of staff may feel you are sidelining them or pushing them away if you repeatedly ask them to travel. Therefore it is important you do everything you can to make sure their travel is as comfortable as possible and ensure the employee knows they are appreciated.

Travel mugs

Wherever in the world they may find themselves and whatever time zone they may be in, a large number of people will look to start their day with a cup of tea or coffee. Providing them with a mug they can take on the road with them will help them to feel some sort of consistency and comfort and will ensure they can enjoy these drinks on the move.

Of course, travel mugs can be printed or engraved with your company’s name and logo, helping to increase brand awareness with fellow travellers across the globe.

Stress shapes

Long-distance travel can be stressful at the best of times, even if you know there is a relaxing holiday at the end of the journey. The destination may be unfamiliar and it can be nerve-racking pitching to potential new clients – particularly if English isn’t their first language.

And that’s where stress balls and other ‘stress shapes’ can help! Find out more about them by clicking here.


In addition to generally being a nice way to show appreciation for your employee’s efforts, personalised bags of sweets can have an important function when travelling, providing a much-needed energy boost after a long-distance flight. Many people also like to have sweets when using aeroplanes because they can help relieve air pressure in your ears during take-off and landing.

T-shirts and polo shirts

Personalised t-shirts and polo shirts are other items you can give to employees as they embark on business travel. As a ‘walking billboard’ for your company’s name, logo and call to action, recipients of your personalised t-shirts or polo shirts should help to raise your brand exposure with fellow travellers around the globe. It also means that your employees should travel in comfort.


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